LaunchZone BSC Spring Festival Referral Trading Challenges 2021


On the occasion of BSC Spring Festival organized by Binance Smart Chain, LaunchZone proudly launches Referral Trading Challenges with prizes up to ten thousand dollars to attract users and boost trading volume for BSC. At the same time, LaunchZone wants to help crypto enthusiasts better understand the advantages of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

What is SwapX:

SwapX is an AMM Aggregator protocol developed by the LaunchZone team. This protocol automatically helps users acquire the best swap rate available on all BSC’s AMMs.


  • It can be seen that offers better swap rates than other AMMs because it will find the AMMs with the best liquidity among BSC’s AMMs to divide, match, and execute user’s orders.


This competition is a combination of the Referral and Trading Volume contests on SwapX ( Winners are those with the highest total trading volume from their referrals during the time of the contest.

Each contest will have different terms and conditions that will be officially announced whenever the event happens. LaunchZone will collaborate with numerous leading projects and partners in the BSC ecosystem to host those competitions. Each contest should have various prizes with values up to tens thousand dollars.

How to participate:

Each contest will have different terms and conditions, but there is only one thing you need to do to participate in any or all of them: copy your referral link and send it to your friends. At the end of each contest, those with the highest total trading volumes from their referrals will be announced winners and receive huge rewards up to thousands of USD from the organizers.

Contest details including location, time, and rules will be updated at:

The Leaderboard is updated at:


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