Introduce AMA Series

In order to further connect with LaunchZone international community, allow users to gain deeper insights into the project, and reinforce our position in the international market, LaunchZone has decided to hold a series of AMA events with top crypto companies in various countries all over the world. 

For more details about our AMA events, go here: AMA Series –

About LaunchZone:

LaunchZone is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency ecosystem that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). LaunchZone’s main aim is to allow users to use Binance’s off-chain services on blockchain. To reach this goal, LaunchZone has developed multiple products including PoolX, LaunchpadX, SwapX, and DexX. The exclusive AMM Aggregator protocol that LaunchZone created helps raise liquidity for other AMMs on BSC like Pancakeswap and Burgerswap.

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  1. good!waiting for the AMA

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