How to Harvest your farmed token with ezDeFi mobile app

Here’s a quick guide on how Harvest BSCX on  after farming BSCX-BNB pair


2, Open your ezDeFi mobile app and choose the globe icon to access the Dapp section


3, Choose LaunchZone PoolX icon in the Featured Dapps list

4, Connect your wallet to the PoolX using the wallet address used for token farming

5, Once the PoolX’s interface is open, scroll down to find your farmed pool

6, Once you found the pool you farmed, choose Select

7, After selecting, reconnect your wallet by choosing unlock wallet to continue

8, Choose ezDeFi wallet


9, After connecting, the farming interface shall appear. Choose Harvest to claim your farmed tokens

10, Confirm the transaction and 25% of your farmed token shall be sent to your wallet, while the remaining 75% stay locked in the pool for 1 year before monthly release

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