How to Join referral bounty program of the LaunchZone & EzDeFi

Here is a quick tutorial on how to join the Referral Campaign of the Sowing.Network

Step 1: Find “the Sower Bot” on telegram’s search bar:


Step 2: Press “Start” to interact with bot


Step 3: After choosing Start, bot will show you a welcome notice. Choose command /help to continue:


Step 4:  After choosing help, bot will show you a list of all commands you can use to interact with the Sower bot. Click on /mate to join the referral program:


Step 5: You need to agree to the terms and conditions to continue:


Step 6: Bot will ask you to join the following groups on telegram. Join the groups and press Next:


Step 7: Bot will ask you to join the following channels, join the channels and Check to continue:


Step 8: Bot will ask you to download ezDeFi mobile app, download the app and choose Check download to continue:


Step 9:  After downloading, ezDeFi shall be opened automatically to ask your permission to use your device’s unique ID for verification. Accept the ID verification and go back to telegram after successful verification


Step 10: After the verification of ezDeFi app, bot will ask you to insert the telegram username of the one who referred you to the referral program. Insert name to continue:



Step 11: After submitting the username, your registration for the referral program is completed. You can command /check_mate to check your interaction point. The reward can only be claimed after you have received sufficient amount of interaction points:


Step 12: You can receive interaction points by chatting in @bscextalk and @ezdefiglobal telegram groups. Each valid interaction point is received by having a chat replied by the group admins and each day, you can have 2 valid interaction points from the 2 groups. In other words, you will need to interact with the 2 telegram groups for at least 5 consecutive days until gaining 10 interaction points to claim your reward. After gaining 10 points, choose command /claim_mate to claim your reward.


Step 13: After claiming your reward, you can send the received amount to your Ewallet by command: /Withdraw + ammount of token + wallet address  to withdraw your price from telegram.

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