How to participate in our IDO using EzDeFi mobile app

Here’s a quick guide on how you can buy BSCX using EzDefi Mobile App at

1. Download the application on the App Store or Play Store

2. Open the app, you will see the screen below

3. Now you need to deposit 250 USDT and 0.2 BNB to the BNB wallet. To do that, click on BNB > New Address > New to create a new BSC address

4. Then click on Receive to copy the wallet address.

5. Deposit 250 USDT and 0.2 BNB to this address

6. Once you have the money in your wallet, open the in-app browser and visit

7. Select the address you just deposited the funds into to connect it with the IDO website

8. Once connected, swap 250 USDT to 5000 BSCX.

You’re done!




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