How to Stake CORGIB/BUSD on LaunchZone PoolX

1. Go to and connect your wallet to the site.


2. Choose the CORGIB/BUSD pool to start providing liquidity for CORGIB-BUSD pair and earn CORGIB for free.


3. Click Approve CORGIB-BUSD LP then click Add Liquidity on BSCEX.


4. Choose your pair of tokens to provide liquidity for the pool. In this case, choose CORGIB and BUSD.


5. Insert the amount of token you want to use to provide liquidity. Write the amount in either box and the amount of the other token will be shown automatically based on the current market rate. Click Approve CORGIB.


6. Press Supply and confirm your supply. By doing this, you have successfully added liquidity and are ready to start farming.

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