LaunchPoolX Audit Report

LaunchZone understands that safety is one of the pillars of a trust-worthy and long-lasting decentralized project. That is the reason why we have worked with multiple renowned smart contract auditors to ensure that our products are at the maximum level of security. There are few blockchain projects on the market that partner with more than one auditor due to the time, effort, and cost involved, but LaunchZone always gives our best to our users and investors.

Below are the links to our auditing reports:

    • The total supply of the BSCX token is fixed until burning is activated: burning of the token can be executed based on results of voting about adding commission on transfers, which then will be burned.
    • Risk Level of LaunchZone’s smart contract: LOW
    • Full report:
  • CertiK‘s official auditing report: In process

Safety is First!

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