LaunchZone PadX

At the end of February 2021, LaunchZone announced that LaunchZone Ecosystem would launch new token fundraising events on LaunchZone PadX.

PadX is the on-chain version of Binance exchange’s Launchpad. It is the platform for crypto startups to raise funds through the process called IDO (Initial Dex Offering). The difference here is that only those who win the LuckyStar ticket of the PadX or whitelisted participants of BSCX Heroes Program have the right to participate in IDO.

How to Participate in a Sale on LaunchZone PadX

In order to meet the enormous demands for participating in LaunchZone PadX’s IDOs, we introduce a lottery mechanism. To join the lottery, you need to lock LaunchZone’s BSCX token (ticker: $BSCX) in LaunchZone PadX’s smart contract for a specific period of time.

The lottery draws will take place, and the winners of LuckyStar tickets will automatically participate in the IDO in exchange for BSCX (this process is done automatically once you applied for a Lucky Star and won any ticket).

  • For each 100 BSCX token is locked, the user will get 1 lottery ticket that is called Lucky Star.
  • 1 wallet address can lock up to 1,000 BSCX (equals 10 Lucky Stars).
  • Lock period: 6 months
  • During that 6 months, users, who have their BSCX locked for getting Lucky Stars, can:
    • use the locked BSCX to participate in other IDOs on LaunchZone (no need to lock more BSCX)
    • receive 10% of the raised fund from the IDOs on LaunchZone
    • receive other airdrops that are distributed by LaunchZone’s business partners

Besides LuckyStar ticket winners, whitelisted BSCX Heroes can also take part in IDOs on PadX.

Step-by-Step guide of how to get Lucky Star Tickets and buy IDO on LaunchZone PadX is here:

How to get Lucky Star tickets and buy IDO on PadX?


Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is promising but subject to high risk. Pease invest with caution. LaunchZone will do our best to choose high-quality projects but will not be responsible for your investment loss.

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