LaunchZone is a fair launch platform for DeFi projects that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). LaunchZone’s mission is to build a complete ecosystem that encourages the growth of new decentralized projects on BSC, and promotes the features of decentralized finance that allow investors to gain many economic benefits simultaneously.


1. PoolX

PoolX is the on-chain version of Binance exchange’s LaunchPool. PoolX lets you use your tokens and the liquidity provider (LP) tokens (the tokens you receive for providing liquidity for, say BSCX-BUSD, BSCX-BNB pairs) to farm and earn a new token, for free.

Status: Released


2. PadX

PadX is the platform for crypto startups to raise their fund through Initial Dex Offering (IDO). 

Status: Released 


3. SwapX (AMM+)

SwapX is a decentralized crypto exchange that finds the best crypto prices across decentralized exchanges and reroutes trades between them. This technology is called the LaunchZone Aggregating Engine or Cross Liquidity Layer 2

Status: ver 2.0 Released

SwapX ver 3.0 (with limit orders, cheaper fees, lowest slippage) will be released in July 2021


4. InnoX

InnoX is the automated project-launching platform on BSC for innovative crypto projects. 

Users can:

  • Create their BEP-20 token (decide the token name, the symbol or logo, the total supply, and many other token options).
  • Launch their IDO using the newly created BEP-20 token.
  • Automatically add liquidity to SwapX and PancakeSwap.
  • Automatically set up liquidity mining pools on LaunchZone PoolX.
  • Use LaunchZone’s tools to be the market maker of their token.

Status: Q2 2021.


5. VaultX

VaultX is a special yield optimizer on the BSC that focuses on popular BEP-20 cryptocurrencies, the tokens that launched on LaunchZone platforms, and our business partners’ tokens. 

It is special because it will auto-compound your yields at empirically optimal intervals using various yield optimizing strategies while pooling gas costs through smart contract code. VaultX also has many layers of yield generations to make sure that users can get the best from locking their LP tokens on VaultX.

VaultX has many strategies and options that remain inactivated:

– The auto-compounded yields can be converted to $BSCX automatically to create more demand for $BSCX.

– Those who withdraw their liquidity can be punished in form of the platform “tax” paid in LP tokens. This “tax” will be sold to buy $BSCX directly from the market and then redistributed as a reward to remaining holders. This is different from burning token which is only beneficial in the short term due to the reduced supply. This function will only support the price of BSCX in the long run.

Status: early Q3, 2021



MartX is a very advanced marketplace for non-fungible token (NFT). Every product that is listed on this marketplace will be defined as a non-fungible token. The owners of NFTs can transfer product ownership, product rating, and/or product customers to buyers. 

If a MartX user has products that are selling well but he/she does not want to sell them anymore. He/she can easily transfer or sell the ownership and the whole business relating to those products to other users so they can keep doing business on MartX.

Status: early Q4, 2021



DexX is LaunchZone’s decentralized crypto exchange built on Binance Smart Chain.

Status: Planned.

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